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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by uefull View Post
i lke to eat boiled eggs.

is eating 2 boiled eggs 3 or 4 times a week to much????

i know they are high in colestreoel but i train 3 or 4 times a week. am i burning it off??
just take out the yellow part if your worried about the fat in them, the egg white is pure protein

Originally Posted by suckay singh View Post
Any tips of vegetable smoothies? Good combinations or with fruit?
smoothies should really just be made with fruit, a juicer is a different thing to a blender , if you buy a juicer there is usually a recipe book on good juice ****tails to make up but as with everything just do trial and error and find your favourite

Originally Posted by ricardoparker93 View Post
What is you guys opinions on creatine and weight gainers? I know Pac takes a variety of 'supplements' does anyone know what that includes? No PED jokes :L
i believe ariza has pac taking quite a few supplements (im not on about PED's btw) i dont have a clue what they are but creatine definately wouldnt be one of them, creatine has been proven to affect an athletes stamina and really just used for bodybuilding or hypertrophy. i like weight gainers though, straight after i train when driving home i have a shake of weight gainer, its perfect as it usually consists of everything you need directly after a session, carbs protein, some vitamins and minerals and amino's, its glycaemic index is also high so you can start replenishing your blood sugar levels pretty quickly, be careful some weight gainers have creatine in them

Originally Posted by wow_junky View Post
No it's Dan do I sound like a Paul you know?

I've got a rough plan now for weight gain, 7 easy meals for the day. I need to sort out portion sizes though;

1. Toast or porridge at breakfast - 7am
2. Smoothie at work - 9am
3. Sandwiches - 11.30am
4. Pasta at lunch - 2pm
5. Soup - 4pm
6. Evening meal - 7pm
7. Snack before bed (toast or smoothie) - 11pm

Sound decent enough?
your 6'2 140 you sound like paul williams

if your looking to gain weight id probably put even more calories on there than you have, you seem to be missing a lot of protein so add 50 more grams of protein per day, try get 70 to 80 per day in total, try eggs for breakfast, throw some protein powder into your smoothie, have a tuna sandwich etc etc

but yeah it sounds very decent compared to what you said you were doing, one last thing your last meal is too late try keep 2 hours between each meal so have your snack before bed at half 8 or 9, if you eat at 11 you will struggle to sleep until 1 or 2 if you eat carbs especially high glycaemic carbs
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