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Default Re: What MW champions would you make an underdog to Roberto Duran?

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
Giardello's right hand was every bit as good as Hopkins's, IMO. His jab might be the key factor here. Otherwise they utilized a somewhat similar stance, with Joey's left hand being a tad lower for the most part. They squared up the same way, with a slight tilt favoring their backfoot in order to offset the opponent's punching target and put themselves in a better position to counter, often with that right hand they both liked so much. Both were very good ring generals, so I think it would start off as a battle of wits that would've turned into a bit of an inside s**** and everything in between. They're so evenly matched that we'd probably see a little bit of it all from both of them in order to gain that edge. In the end, Joey's higher workrate and more consistent jab may've given him the slight edge. Hop's size/strength advantage may've given him an edge in close, though, even if Joey was every bit as cagey in there. Very tough call.
As I say, having really appreciated Giardello in the bits I've seen of him (plus the Turner fight) I feel he's someone I need to see mire of and learn more about.
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