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Default Re: Lineage of the coloured heavyweight title

Originally Posted by janitor View Post


Jack Johnson wins world heavyweight title in December.


Feb 20 Sam McVey W20 Joe Jeanette, Paris, FR
Apr 9 Sam McVey KO2 Cyclone Billy ******, Paris, FR
Apr 17 Joe Jeanette KO49 Sam McVey, Paris, FR
---Sam Langford claims title after Johnson refuses to face him for the world title.
Dec 11 Joe Jeanette D30 Sam McVey, Paris, FR


Sep 6 Sam Langford W15 Joe Jeanette, Boston, MA
Nov 10 Sam Langfrod KO2 Jeff Clarke, Joplin , MO


Jan 10 Sam Langford W12 Joe Jeanette, Boston, MA
Apr 1 Sam Langford D20 Sam McVey, Paris, FR
Dec 26 Sam McVey W20 Sam Langford, Sydney, NSW, AUS


Apr 8 Sam Langford W20 Sam McVey, Sydney, NSW, AUS
Dec 26 Sam Langford KO13 Sam McVey, Sydney, NSW, AUS


Dec 20 Sam Langford W20 Joe Jeanette, Paris, FR


May 1 Harry Wills W10 Sam Langford, New Orleans, LA
Nov 26 Sam Langford KO14 Harry Wills, Los Angeles, CA


Jan 3 Harry Wills W20 Sam Langford, New Orleans, LA
Feb 11 Sam Langford KO19 Harry Wills, New Orleans, LA


Jan 25 Bill Tate W12 Sam Langford, Kansas City, MO
May 2 Sam Langford KO6 Bill Tate, St. Louis, MO
Dec 17 Sam Langford KO2 Kid Norfolk, Denver, CO


Apr 14 Harry Wills KO6 Sam Langford, Panama City, Pan
May 19 Harry Wills TK7 Sam Langford, Panama City, Pan


Aug 18 Harry Wills KO4 Jeff Clarke, Syracuse, NY


Apr 19 Harry Wills W15 Sam Langford, Denver, CO

Wills is generally regarded by all as the leading black heavyweight in the world. He holds the “title” of colored champion until his loss at the hands of Jack Sharkey in October of 1926.

The actual lineage of the colored HW title during through time was with Johnson, who was never beaten by a black man until 1926 when he lost to Bob Lawson. What Langford, McVey, and others held was a dubious claim that they invented as a means of marketing themselves.

After Johnson's loss, the lineage should resume with George Godfrey, who beat Lawson shortly after his win over Johnson.
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