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Default Re: ESB Classic Forum All-Time Rankings by Division

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Yea the fact hes achieved more than Dempsey/Frazier/Foreman is irrelevant as is the likelyhood he'd walk through Marciano/Johnson/Frazier/Dempsey within a round
So James Tillis and Mitch Green can last the distance with prime Tyson, yet Marciano, Johnson, Frazier and Dempsey can't even last one round? You do realise that some of the journeymen he fought in his first 15 fights lasted more than one round, right? Perhaps you could explain why 4 hall of fame heavyweight champsions who defended their belts repeatedly would do so much worse than the contenders, journeymen, and bums that Tyson fought before he won the championship.
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