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Default Re: Brazillian fighters

Originally Posted by Iron Duke
Why are there so many dominant and amazing Brazillian fighters compared to most other countries?

Obviously no wonder the US is up there due to money and resources but Brazil is a fairly poor country yet it seems to create such a vast amount of quality fighters?
Has it something to do with the poor conditions? Is it the lifestyle?

What is it that makes Brazil so good at producing quality fighters in all weight classes?
because most of the fighters they're importing (in america , or japan etc..) are generally , top notch in brazilian jiu jitsu...they have the best prospects in that discipline...

russians would be way more dominant if a huge majority of elites in sambo would try mma. But they rarely do...and the ones that do are generally mediocre or simply "good"...but nothing special...

Fedor happens to be one of the rare ones (combat sambo elite) who's participating in MMA.

The same goes for Judokas..(though Judo is more international than both bjj and sambo combined)....

but it's ****ing rare to see an elite in judo , participaring in mma..

I mean the best judoka they have in the ufc is Karo...
No offense but compared to let's say..Yoshida or Nastula , karo's credentials in judo are a bit ridiculed...

Infortunately , both Yoshida and Nastula are not in their prime anymore...and Nastula never had the time to adapt 100% under mma rules.

a good prime and top judoka active in mma is Akiyama , but he's fighting in K1's heros. (he's their current champion too).

There's fedor too but he mixes a bit of everything he can't be compared to a pure judoka....

there's also sukoudjou..(karo already defeated him in judo though lol)...
Sokoudjou is supposed to be a judoka but he KOed his last two opponents lol...He did show a super solid takedown defense against arona though.
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