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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log


2:00 Interval on the rowing machine (2:00 or less 500m pace)
1:00 Slow rowing (recovery)
x 5 (5:00 cool down)
15:00 exercise bike (10:00 cool down)
-I covered 2800 meters on the rower. On the bike I did 100-110rpm on lv5 the whole time and my HR was at about 165bpm the whole time. I couldnt do my usual run today because the cardio class was in there and only the rower wasnt being used lol. Oh well its good to switch it up.

10:00 jump rope
5 rounds shadowboxing (all the rounds today where 5:00)
3 rounds footwork bag
1 round uppercut bag
1 round double end bag
2 rounds heavybag
-I just went really hard today in general. Just motivated I guess cuz of yesterday I think. Buddy wants to work with me again on monday.

1 bowl vector, 500ml orange juice, 2 fish oil, 2 extreme lean
1 cup coffee (250ml, I really needed it this morning)
1 protein shake (after workout), 1 multi vite
2 turkey sandwhiches (whole grain, onions, romain, banana peppers, pickles, sweet onion mus****), 341ml apple cider, 2 fish oil
1 cup fat free cottage cheese, 1 cup green tea
1 protein shake (after boxing)
2 servings of honey glazed salmon, 2 big bowls of salad (romain, carrots, onions, green peppers, lots of croutons, 4tbsp dressing total), 1 cup green tea
--running total--
7 grain, 9 fruits & veg, 3 meat, 2 dairy
-I slept in so I only had time for cereal this morning so I figured Id do the same as yesterday. Besides these sandwhiches are awesome. I'll do my next planned day tomorrow since I can sleep in and have more time.

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