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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log


1.5 mile run (5:00 cool down)
10:00 ellitical stepper thingy (no cool down)
-I ran the 1.5 in 8:49 this time, its a bit more of a jump than I wanted but thats ok. After that I went on the "thingy" and did 10:00, the heartbeat monitor was screwed up and was totally giving me the wrong readings and I know it someone mustve had a heart rate monitor on somewhere. I just didnt feel like doing cardio today either, I think my quads are getting overworked a bit maybe and thats why they're just kind of fatigued. Or not enough carbs this morning. Or Im just tired of the same kind of cardio I've been doing. Or its the intervals yesterday. Im just not sure but next time I'll have some toast with my eggs too. I think its safe to start doing various kinds of conditioning now, I dont think these pills will cause anything bad to happen. I'll start mixing it up next week. Boxing later.

5:00 jump rope
5 rounds shadowboxing (all rounds where 5 minutes again)
2 rounds speedbag
2 rounds footwork bag
2 rounds heavybag
1 round rope drill/head movement drills
1 round shadowboxing
-The trainer worked with me on my jab today, thats about all there is to say about today.

2 egg omelett (green onions, extra green peppers, ham), 1 cup of orange juice, 2 fish oil
V8, 2 extreme lean
1 protein shake (after workout), 1 multi vite
3 tuna melts, cup of green tea
2 extreme lean (before boxing), 1 protein shake (after boxing)
1 cup strawberries/g****s
1.5 cups whole grain pasta, .5cups marinara sauce, 4tbsp parmassan cheese (spelling?), 2 fish oil
2 cups juice, 1 cup green tea
--running total--
3 meat, 9 fruits & veggies, 5 grain, 3 dairy

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