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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Watched the second **** Tiger-Jose Torres fight today (which was missing the 14th round) and I came away with this card:

**** Tiger vs. Jose Torres II: 135-133 Tiger (round 14 missing)
Torres:1,3,12,13 and 15.
Tiger: 2,4,5,6,7,10 and 11.
Rounds 8 and 9 even.

Torres started off well and looked real strong, walking forward behind a super tight high guard. Tiger was wailing away but not much was getting through and when Torres punched, Tiger was getting moved from the force of the blows.

Tiger however was determined to tire Torres out and stood his ground against the much bigger man, working at a high pace Torres could not keep up with. After about 5 rounds Torres started becoming somewhat sluggish and Tiger started to dominate the action with his tough trench warfare approach.

Bu just as it appeared Tiger was going to walk away with an easy decision, Torres somehow found the energy to mount a late rally. He really wanted this fight - BADLY - as could be seen from his post fight reaction when the decision was announced against him (he was absolutely livid). In the late rounds Torres started landing some excellent left hooks and flurries, and whilst Tiger continued to throw punches pretty much non-stop, there was nothing on them by the end.

Unfortunately for Torres, he left his run a little late. He got close, but for me, Tiger took this clearly. The rounds I had even were more arguable for Tiger than for Torres imo.

There was a bit of a fracas after the fight too. Quite a few evidently felt Torres got the rough end of it...

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