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Default Re: Floyd vs Hatton pre fight ****ysis

I dont know who will win, but I hope Hatton would.

Maybe PBF is the fastest and smartest going backwards. But Hatton is probably the fastest comming forward. I think only Pacman has the same energy level in the ring as Hatton has. Hatton will grab and push or whatever to fix Mayweather so he can hit him.

Hatton can take a good punch and still come, but if PBF can deliver good hard punches from distance then maybe he can get Hattons attension and win this way. I am just not sure that PBF has the kind of power and workrate to keep Hatton away. Hatton is much faster than DLH.

I think one thing that can be very deciding for the outcome is how fast the ref will break up a clinch. Hatton will try to clinch and then go from there. But if the clinch is broken by the ref. early then it will be very hard for Hatton to win. Therefore the home advantage will be very significant.
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