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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

**** Tiger vs Jose Torres II

Early on, Torres kept a high guard but Tiger showcased his mobility and landed some good body punches as he lept in and out of range. His head punches were mainly blocked but the body shots got through. Torres did land some nice shots but I felt Tiger was able to take the sting from them by moving backwards.

As the momentum changed Tiger stayed in the trenches with Torres and Torres was able to get off better punches and Tiger was landing about the same rate as earlier, but Torres's work looked better IMO.

In the late goings Tiger was still on top with fast combinations but Torres was battling back hard, I felt Tigers edge in handspeed was letting him get off first the whole way through but was most important in these crucial last rounds.

The fight was similar to how SS described it just we picked up on different things IMO and have slightly different scoring criterea. I liked Tigers ring generalship and fast combinations, also I was scoring Tigers body shots early doors. (not sure if SS was) Again though it was a very close fight and scores could vary in certain rounds.

Also round 14 was missing so i scored it even.

Tiger: 2,3,4,5,6,9,15
Total: 143-143 DRAW (7-7-1)

Excellant s**** though, top class skills and a high pace.
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