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Default Re: Primetime website updated. Showing Dirrell vs Abraham, Froch and Wlad

Originally Posted by Bunce View Post
Richie and Rawling and ******'s radio team were all leading each other into fantasy land that night and were sitting too close to each other - I think that the so called experts on ******'s radio had Rees in front!!!
I like Rees but it was a virtual shut out and when I went back on air I told all of them they were wrong - not just Richie.
I've been told on air by McGuigan, Hart and Maloney that I should never be allowed to talk about a fight again! I've taken the abuse because I've got thick and fat skin and the fact remains that everybody that night got it wrong...well, nearly everybody: I was right!!!
Richie is the best co-commentator in the business by a million miles and I've told the people at Primetime that he is the best.


Fair dos, Buncey. I honestly couldn't remember what was said, but I remembered the post-fight tiff between the pair of you. Hopefully he will get a job at Primetime, though, as he is fantastic on the mic. Him and Rawling were awesome on Setanta and they definately should be paired-up again.

I thought the coverage Primetime put together last time was fantastic. I'd just like to be able to subscribe via TV this time.
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