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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

Originally Posted by dfh85 View Post
WHATS Vector dude?

those sandwiches look nice
Its a cereal. Its like a supplement in a way, its completely loaded with extra vitamins, I swear its got something like half the vitamins you need in a day just in 1 bowl with more protein than any other cereal Ive seen, plus it tastes good.

The sandwiches are awesome


1.75 mile on treadmilll (5:00 cool down)
18:00 on elliptical (14:00 cool down on bike)
-I thought Id increase the distance from now on and move my starting time back to 12:00 and start working that back again in increments like before. It took 12:00 for the 1.75 mile run. On the elliptical I did it on resistance 10 at 80-85rpm this brought my heart rate to about 165 most of the time but by the end it was 178 I think, I cant be certain though.

10:00 jump rope
30:00 shadowboxing in front of the mirror
4 rounds heavybag
2 rounds speedbag
4 rounds footwork bag
2 rounds human heavybag (2x:30 each round)
2 rounds technical sparring
-we had a big group of people come in today for a boxing class or something. The guys that where there are only allowed to technical spar so thats what I had to do, raphael didnt show up

1 bowl of cheeries (yesterday was my last bowl of vector), 2 cups juice, 2 fish oil, 2 extreme lean, 1 multi vite
1 homemade mini pizza (ham, green peppers, mushrooms, okra peppers, cheese), 2 fish oil
1 apple
2 silhouette 100g cups, 2 extreme lean
1 protein shake (after boxing)
2 teryaki chicken thighs, 2 cups coleslaw with zesty italian (3-4 tbsp), 1 cup rice with soy sauce, 1 cup green tea, 2 fish oil
1 fruit to go
--running total--
5 grains, 10 fruits and veggies, 2 dairy, 3 meat

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