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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

Originally Posted by setoraku View Post
its a code for PED's nah im just kidding they are cereals...(they are really hGH's)

how do they taste? are they like corn flakes smothered in sugar?
tch, a poor ol college student like me living off 50 bucks a week can afford performance enhancing drugs and growth hormone infused cereal? I wish, then I really would be a meat eating (super/mutant) rabbit that punches his opponents into submission lol just kidding.

Theyre like corn flakes but thicker with granola chunks in it, they taste kinda cinnamony actually. Its good stuff but expensive in comparison to other cereals and after eating it for too long it starts tasting like cardboard .


1.75 mile run (5:00 cool down)
18:00 on exercise bike (10:00 cool down)
Rested for a bit then...

1x3x313 deadlifts, double overhand grip (took it easy, I'd normally do 5)
1x5x205 bench press (needed help on the last one, I thought I had 195lbs lol)
1x3x70 weighted pullups (gotta drop a bit of weight)
1x2x495 Leg Press (normally 5-8 isnt that bad but 2 today was a stretch, probably because of the cardio before)
1x5x130 seated machine overhead press (need to increase the weight)

-Did the 1.75 in 11:23 (9.3mph), it would have been quite easy but that stupid bar I ate earlier was giving me cramps (I normally dont eat for several hours before cardio to avoid that). I did lv5 at 100rpm on the bike the whole time, my HR was between 160-168 the whole time, its getting easier. I kinda did my exercises out of the ideal order but I was mostly just testing what Im still capable of. I need to work on my deadlift form a bit, angle my elbows on the bench downward more, drop a few lbs for the weighted pullups, do leg press sooner and do a warm up set, start doing seated dumbell presses soon instead of on the machine. I think my gym got rid of the calf raise machine so I may have to do them on the leg press or with dumbells.

10:00 jump rope
10:00 shadowboxing
Pushup routine (see below) x3
pullup routine (see below) x3
15:00 shadowboxing (jab only pretty much)
3x10-20x100 deadlift (showing a friend proper form)
6 round on heavybag (jab only)
-I didnt seem to do much today but the work on my jab was good. Tomorrow some technical sparring and more work on my jab I think.

5 one arm lockoffs on med ball (each arm)
5 power overs (each side)
5 tricep pushups hand on med ball
5 pop ups
-Just brutal all around.

2 pullups
2 commando pullups (each side)
2 chinups
2 around the worlds (each side)
-The around the worlds turned into typewriter pullups in the third round, I think I'll switch commandos with around the worlds.

2 egg omelett (lots of green peppers and onions), 1 toast, 2 cups juice, 2 fish oil, 1 multi vite
1 slim fast bar (my girlfriends, I needed to grab a snack since I didnt have time to run home to mix a shake)
2 extreme lean (before workout)
3 tuna melts, 1 cup juice
1 small tin of flavoured tuna, 1 apple
2 extreme lean (before boxing)
1 protein shake
3 cups whole grain pasta (1/2 cup sauce), 2 fish oil
1 cup green tea
1 V8
--running total--
4 meat, 9 fruits and veg, 7 grains, 3 dairy

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