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Cool Re: Come on Gomez!!!

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty
you were hanging around on that other thread if I remember correctly, spouting the same guff. " I know Gomez so that means he will win the fight blah blah"

When I took you to task on it & asked you to explain your reasons & of course I explained why I picked Johanneson to win, you disappeared quick style.

So what if you bumped into Gomez in a pub & got his autograph, that doesnt mean hes going to win.

& please, if Gomez does pull of the upset, dont come in screaming like you are the new god of the forum. Cos upsets do happen in boxing, but you didnt say why Gomez would win. You are just throwing your ball on the roulette wheel, & hoping it comes up red.

Thats no way to win respect here newb. You got some time left, lets hear some reasons why Gomez will pull of the upset! I just set the 'respect clock'

tick tock...
I'll respond for xoborp.

Gomez has faced better competiton and is far more battle tested. Johanneson has not fought many punchers. When he has, like Leva, he came up short - twice. The mercurial Gomez is not used up and is taking boxing more seriously than he has in a while. He's fought, and beaten, better.
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