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Default Re: Come on Gomez!!!

Originally Posted by Tuavale
I'll respond for xoborp.

Gomez has faced better competiton and is far more battle tested. Johanneson has not fought many punchers. When he has, like Leva, he came up short - twice. The mercurial Gomez is not used up and is taking boxing more seriously than he has in a while. He's fought, and beaten, better.
Now thats what I am talking about, people putting their neck on the line like you have Tuavale. THATS what this forum should be about, people putting their neck on the block like a true man, none of this "Gomez will win cos hes Gomez" ****.

Respect to you Tuavale

As for this Xopork guy? The clock is still ticking. can he make a valid boxing point before the fight takes place in under 24 hours?

Tick tock...
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