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Default Re: Froch: "I'd KO Bute & Berrio and have a great chance v. the Calzaghe-Kessler winn

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings
That pretty much sums him up in a nutshell. So far Froch is on the fringes of world title contention.Nothing more or less.At this stage i dont expect it to get much better than that.His not shown me anything to make me think his world class material or a world beater. Carl has alot of self belief but that self belief is now arrogance.He vastly overrates himself and really thinks his as good as he says he is. The reality is his not.His not fought anyone of any note yet other than a handful of domestic hopefuls. His fight against Reid doesnt prove much but he should be able to win a UD over an old dog like Reid providing Reid doesnt upset his applecart.

Frochs style isnt one that bodes well at a world class level. I fear he would have trouble with a guy like Manfredo who is a much better schooled boxer than he is and boasts supererior fundamentals. Froch`s defense is leaky and porous and the way he dangles that left with his chin out to dry is simply annoying.He really believes in his power and truly thinks his a world class puncher. Against Kessler or Joe he may put up a decent account for himself in brief spells but he gets left high and dry and would be way out his depth.Theres a big diffrence in fighting the best at 68 and taking on ordinary guys like Matthew Barney.
If Barney had come to win, he could beat Carl back then.
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