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Default Re: Froch owns Calzaghe

I don't get why Calzaghe has come out and started all this nonsense again with Froch?

I was under the impression the two had called a truce in their slanging matches and also remember Froch recently praising Calzaghe in an interview, saying he was a great champion and should now enjoy a well earned break.

Calzaghe has also been quite complimentary towards Froch saying he wished him luck in the super 6?

I used to hate the fact that Froch brought up Calzaghe's name in every interview, but to be fair to the bloke, he put a stop to it once he won his world title. Why is a retired Calzaghe still bringing up the same old rubbish?

He should either let Froch get on with his career or do some hard work in the gym for the next couple of months and sort out a mega fight against Froch in Cardiff.

There's no point slagging off another fighter from the comfort and safety of the retirement chair!
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