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Default Re: Froch owns Calzaghe

Originally Posted by Grant1 View Post
I sometimes wonder if they laugh about this together away from the lights of the press.

I remember them talking on the phone for ITV and it looked so staged it's untrue.

I don't think they dislike one another.

As an aside, where is the thread from yesterday that was discussing the initial barb from Joe? Has it been deleted?
It does all seem a bit strange and staged. I also remember the ITV phone call between the two, where Froch kept saying "when are we going to get it on in the ring" and Calzaghe was just saying "money talks in this business" etc etc.

Maybe they've agreed to slag each other off every so often so they can both keep their names in the papers!?

I think Froch did his best to promote himself by calling Calzaghe out for two years - the only problem, is that Hennessey keeps negotiating his fights with Primetime!!?

Who knows, If Froch had been promoted better and built up a big following through having his fights on sky - maybe the money and interest would have been there to get a fight with Calzaghe sorted??
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