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Default Re: Dana White Says No PRIDE Show

Originally Posted by SweetScienceFan
I will give two guys about to enter MMA that you should look out for. Look out for Johny Hendricks and Jake Rosholt. Two amazing wrestlers out of Oklahoma State who are about to break into MMA.
Team Takedown could end up being the next Team Quest or Team RAW, they are starting with younger guys, who are more acclimated to MMA through at least knowing about it whereas the other teams were starting from scratch more or less, and have arguable more talented wrestlers (in terms of folkstyle, although they would probably be just as apt to follow in the other guys success in the International styles if they so chose as they have 3 Junior national championships in Freestyle between the two of them, which again has to do with them being younger)

Plus you're leaving out Eric Bradley, who has a college boxing title, whatever that means, he might be the one with the most early succes.

With that said, the class action lawsuit against DSE by the former fighters of Pride is, I suspect, a major obstacle to getting everything under control, do you know any insider (or even outsider) information on that?

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