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Default Re: Arthur set for Foster Jnr defence

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings
It was true. That parrot Ian Darke used to say it was a shed up Norwich way so i guess there must have been some truth to it! In anycase they had ZERO credibility and were utterly spurious. ****** should feel shame for tarnishing British boxing with that trash. I cant believe Hatton defended and hid behind that ****py belt for so long and then had the brazen audacity to call himself a world champ when he held that belt!!!
Cheers for the info scurlaruntings my good man

I just knew I heard that stupid WBU strap was born in a shed somewhere! Nice speaking to you again Scurla mate, one of the genuine heavy hitters on ESB. I always listen to your take on things, cos like me you arent afraid to go out on a limb to get your point across. ESB needs more like us.
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