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Default Re: lennox lewis is the best heavyweight ever!

Originally Posted by josak
Lewis could barely handle the old, over-the-hills Mike in the first round of their fight. Mike just gassed out, and got beat on for eight rounds. Prime Mike > Lewis, I'd bet my whole bank account on it.
You are aware that Lewis is older then Mike, right? And if you're going to rewind the Tyson age clock, then you can't just bang him in with an old Lewis, and say, see, Mike's better!!!!

That would be just as simplistic as me saying that if a nobody like Bonecrusher can go 12 with Mike, then Lewis would do it in a canter - and actually throw something back.

Or if Douglas can beat Mike, then Lewis, blah blah blah.

Barely handle??? Was Lewis KD? Was his bell rung? Was he stumbling around?

No, he just smothered Tyson, and then cracked him with an uppercut on the way in - just like a guy 6'5 should against a 5'10 guy.

How would it go prime v prime?? Don't know. Either man could take it IMO.
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