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Default Re: Poor Performance by Mundine

Originally Posted by NOTDYE
you make good points mate but most of the stuff you stated about him technique wise you must have already realised? mundine doesnt work the angles.. (reason why i think winky is a bad match up), doesnt throw in combinations.. isnt much of a body puncher (despite what michaels says) doesnt really have a hook. Mundine's fight is the lighning jab, the well timed over hand right and the occasional uppercut. this is his ****nal.. not hating or hugging but that's how he fights and it wasnt much different when he had good performances against soliman and green.

the thing that worried me the most in this fight was his inability to get out of trouble. when nievas was putting the pressure on in the 5th mundine could not get a counter off or get out off the ropes. admittedly not much landed but he didnt throw a punch for about 45 seconds and if it had have been kessler he would have hit the canvas imo.

all in all i dont think he went backwards in this fight. merely did a satisfactory job against a c+ fighter. i dont think you'll be able to tell where he is going until he steps up and fights a real opponent.
This is a Great Post.

Mundine does have holes in his boxing skills.

and one of the biggest holes i believe is he is affraid to let his hands go.
i mean he had nievas hurt in about the 6th or 7th round. and still he was to affraid to let his hands go.
i kept saying to my friends if he uses his uppercut more i bet he will catch Nievas but through the hole fight he only used it a couple times. but everytime he used the uppercut it was effective.

His Jab is World Class but you cant rely on a jab to get you through against guys like Calzaghe and Kessler.
Great post.
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