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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log


1.75 mile run (5:00 cool down)
10:00 exercise bike
-Did the 1.75 miles in 10:58, average speed was 9.5 with a few short bursts of 10-10.5mph. Im glad Ive got a back off week coming up I need it lol. Im just worn out and keep finding excuses to cut my cardio short. I forced myself to go on the bike for the 10:00 I was stretching after the run and contemplating leaving but I got off my ass to do the 10:00, it was at varying intensities but about 5:00 was at the usual speed. During conditioning yesterday I realize Ive got to do more circuits like I used to do, its just a different kind of fatigue that I need to build up a resistance to. I'll work on it after this back off week. Im also lean enough now so I can drop some of these longer cardio days in place of real conditioning, Im still not at fighting weight but Im really lean again, I didnt have much to drop anyways though. Im not sure what I weigh now because the scale is broken but Im guessing 168-167. Boxing later.

10:00 jump rope
??? shadowboxing (see description)
4 rounds heavybag (all rounds where intense, last round was just hard hooks)
2 rounds footwork bag
4 rounds double end bag (kinda half assed)
2 rounds speed bag
-During my shadowboxing I was asked to show the hockey players proper punching technique so I showed them the stance, jab and cross. Probably spent about 10-20 minutes with them until they where doing good (fast learners) then I put them through the magic 50 which one of them liked, the others didnt...pussies lol. Anyways Id say I got around 15 minutes of shadowboxing or so. I guess Im now officially their coach which is good since theres an odd number of them I can work myself into some of the drills and get some more quality work in so theyre not a drain on my training. Its good that Im getting coaching experience though so its a trade off Im willing to make, it just means I have to stay a bit longer at the gym to get everything in, no biggie, and it might pay off.

3 packets of plain oatmeal (+brown sugar), 2 glasses of juice, 2 fish oil
1 fruit source bar (3 fruit servings!)
2 extreme lean (before workout)
3 tuna melts on whole wheat, 1 V8 (after workout), 1 multi vite
1 small tin of tuna, 1 large naval orange, 1 cup of green tea
2 extreme lean (before boxing)
1 protein shake (after boxing), 2 fish oil
1 cup of salad (3tbsp zesty italian), Stir fry (2 chicken thighs, 1.5-2 cups vegetables, sauce)
--running total--
6 grains, 12-13 fruits and veg, 3 dairy, 3 meat

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