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Default Re: "Pitched battle" at York Hall

Originally Posted by Jim Scully View Post
The worst thing that i have ever done is to come on Forums and wind people up,to get a reaction,to make me laugh.

I'm a traveller & the things you say about travellers being robbers (the lot of them) is wrong,you just cant go about saying things like that.Not every Gyspy/traveller are bad.

Dont get me wrong,you can say what ever you like about travellers and to be honest,i dont give a toss,i have been hearing it for the past 28 years,WE manageto get over hitler,then i think we can manage to over come some Racist comments.

What makes me laugh is,that everybody seems to have met the very worst of travellers,i find it hard to believe.I would guess that some people havnt actully met travellers but on basing your opinions on somebody else experience.

Surely somebody has met the decent travellers out there ? Anyone ?
Know quite a few travellers myself mate, apart from a few of them being a bit "dodgy" (who isn't at some point?) they're some real good people.

What I admire about travellers is how they stick together and its almost like a closed shop with them to anyone else but this can also make non travellers weary of them and dislike them if that makes sense. For instance the travellers I know I know through a well known bloke who is good friends with a well known traveller family round here, I doubt if I hadn't been introduced by them that they'd bother to talk to me, but like I say in a way I admire that about them its like a them against the world attitude.

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