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Default Re: "Pitched battle" at York Hall

Originally Posted by icemax View Post
I suspect that if it had been Yardie gangs kicking off at the York Hall we wouldn't have had the same level of blanket and ill informed hate shown on this thread so far..."I don't like to generalise, but...." blow it out of your ****s you sanctimonious ****s

I have my issues with ****holes who turned up to do that. Family know some of who were involved and i say it here and now i can't stand these ****s..they ruin everything the way they go on but somehow this threads now going into Tax and why people hate gypsy's. Can understand people have met scumbags but don't tar all with same brush.

Many say there gypsy's and travellers and they ain't there just people wanting to be something they ain't can't even speak the language (rocka) properly. The irish contingent are known to many of us as ''tinkers''. There not liked within the community because of there antics. Heard some absolotley filthy stories of what some have done.
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