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Default Re: "Pitched battle" at York Hall

Originally Posted by icemax View Post
I suspect that if it had been Yardie gangs kicking off at the York Hall we wouldn't have had the same level of blanket and ill informed hate shown on this thread so far..."I don't like to generalise, but...." blow it out of your ****s you sanctimonious ****s
What I've said is actually nothing to do with the fight. I don't blame the fight on it being travellers, it could just have easily been a group of Asian lads or a group of white scallies from Dagenham when Mitchell was fighting.

But it is not unfair to say that if an Irish traveller is fighting there is a higher chance of trouble than if the two boxers were from run of the mill areas. And then it developed into an entire discussion about travelling as a way of life.

It doesn't matter to me whether 60% of the travellers are all good people and I have just been hugely unlucky with who I've met and come into contact with, the very way they live is akin to a benefit scrounger who hasn't worked for a decade but uses local services and lives off other people. I object to people being allowed to do that regardless of where they are from.
And in fact I don't even blame a lot of people for doing that, I don't like working and if I could I wouldn't, but the state shouldn't allow me that privelage and nor should it anyone else who is able bodied.
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