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Default Re: "Pitched battle" at York Hall

Originally Posted by icemax View Post
I suspect that if it had been Yardie gangs kicking off at the York Hall we wouldn't have had the same level of blanket and ill informed hate shown on this thread so far..."I don't like to generalise, but...." blow it out of your ****s you sanctimonious ****s
It has nothing to do with the people who were involved, or shouldn't have anyway. I remember years ago my brother getting caught up in the violence that erupted in the crowd at the Murray vs Docherty fight in Glasgow, that was the fight in which James Murray lay dying in the ring as the crowd rioted around him.

Those weren't Travellers, Yardies, Crips or Bloods, so we can hardly point the finger of blame at one section of people as if they are the cause of all our problems.
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