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Lightbulb Create Your Own Boxing Boxset

There might be a thread similar to this and if so sorry to steal an idea but thought i chuck this thread up to get people thinking.

If you were given chance to create a boxset that you can sell in shops or leave your children,grandchildren etc what fighters and fights would you put on it.

-You have 2-3 fighters to choose from and have 3 of there fights to choose from each.

-It can be your favorite boxers right now or a mix of fighters still active and fighters of other era's. Could be fighter's from your country.

-Would you have a

-What 2-3 fighter's will you pick?

-What Fight's Would you have on boxset? (fighter's 3 fights each)

-It doesn't have to be the best fights you ever saw of them. It doesn't have to be there greatest could be there finest displays of there skills or power.

I'm off to have lil think about my three fighters and there fights.

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