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Default Re: Create Your Own Boxing Boxset

Alexis Arguello vs Alfredo Escalara I
Alexis Arguello vs Ray Mancini
Alexis Arguello vs Aaron Pryor I

Well I choose Arguello because, surprisingly, I'm an Arguello fan. And these to me are his best fights. Not his best performance but his best fights that emphasise why I am a fan of his.

My other two picks would probably be.

Jung Koo Chang vs Alfonso Lopez
Jung Koo Chang vs Hilario Zapata I
Jung Koo Chang vs Sot Chidalada I

Pernell Whittaker vs Greg Haugen
Pernell Whittaker vs Azumah Nelson
Pernell Whittaker vs Julio Cesear Chavez

I thought quite hard about this, and I choose these two as they are two fighters I deem near unbeatable. Chang narrowly beat Duran to the spot as I think Chang is more obscure and a better pick. And these are there best performances I have seen.
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