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Default Re: Create Your Own Boxing Boxset

Another good thread, i'll have to have a proper think about it but i could see myself going for a sort of 'showman' theme, the entertainers.

Naz would be on without a doubt. Picking the 3 fights would be a nightmare tho! Think i'd go with Steve Robinson (winning the title), and Kevin Kelley (first fight in the states and probably his most exciting fight) for definite. The final one i'd either go for Daniel Alicea (bit short but first time he was down in his career), Tom Johnson or one purely for the entrances. The Motown for Cesar Soto one in Detroit or the McCullough 'Thriller' entrance at Halloween, although these 2 weren't the greatest of spectacles.

Eubank would also be on it, another great showman with the 'Simply the Best' entrance and jumping over the top rope. First fight with Benn, possibly the 2nd as well just for the hype it generated. Not sure on the 3rd, possibly Watson but not sure if i'd want such a tragedy on the boxset.

3rd fighter i'll get back to you.....
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