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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log


5:00 warm up
1:30 @ 11mph
1:30 @ 6mph
x 5
1:00 @ 11mph
1:00 @ 6mph
x 5
5:00 cool down

1x3x313 deadlifts (not hard but my grip has really weakened)
1x5x205 bench press (nailed em all today
1x5x60 weighted pullups
1x5x120 weighted walking lunges (5 lunges per leg)
1x5x140 seated overhead press
1x15x200 calf raises
-The intervals werent that bad actually. I think next time I'll add 30 seconds to each. Im dissapointed in my deadlift, I used to do 353x3 and 375x1 at a bodyweight of 165...oh well, it'll come back.

2 eggs, 2 whole wheat toast, 1 cup of salad (3tbsp zesty italian), 1 cup of coffee
1 V8
2 extreme lean (before workout)
1 protein shake, 1 multi vite (after workout)
1 double decker ham sandwich (pickles, honey mus****), 1.5 cups iceberg salad, 1 cup milk
12 fried perogies (fried in 1/2 an onion), 2 cups juice
1 small tin flavoured tuna, 1 can fruit ****tail, mug of strong coffee
--running total--
3 meat, 7 grain, 11 fruits and veggies, 2 dairy

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