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Default Re: 'Froch's promoter says pay-per-view TV is only option'

carl froch has evrything to be a popular mainstream fighter, he is homespun, athletic, exciting, relentless, power in each hand and an attitude and character to go out on the publicity trail and sell tickets. but i have even spoken to lads from nottingham who don't know who he is, and i don't wanna jump on the hennessey/**** bandwagon cos this time last year i was watching some cracking saturday night shows featuring Murray, Thaxton and Fury on free telly.
so without sounding condescending about mick, the fat little ******, that level of fighter is about his limit and he has'nt got the panache, contacts or the slightest foggiest about promoting a fighter at the top level(the froch/dirrell show was shambolic when you consider the main support was shown on big screen)
it just winds me up cos frochy should be as well known to the casuals as Hatton/Khan etc.
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