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Default Re: Floyd vs Hatton pre fight ****ysis

A lot of people are really underestimating Floyd's boxing ability here. Seriously, people underestimating Floyd's boxing? Let me explain.

A lot of people here are under the impression that Floyd is only very good at staying far on the outside and boxing, and while it is true that he is very good at this, he is a more complete fighter than that gives him credit for.

Part of Floyd's defensive genius is the fact that he can stand right in front of you, much the same way an in shape James Toney could, and make you miss. He has great upper body movement, hand placement, and shoulder rolling which make blows that would other wise hit clean glance off or miss completely. In the N'dou and De La Hoya fights he shows that he doesn't have to be on the outside to be a defensive master. Right in front of a guy he is very very elusive as well, and saying "If Floyd fights on the inside he loses if he fights on the outside he wins" isn't quite giving Floyd's supreme defense enough credit.

Obviously, his defense will be limited if Hatton gets him into one of his clinch fights, but Mayweather typically keeps his arms tight on his body when he fights, and it doesn't seem like Hatton would be able to clinch him, barring a bearhug type thing, as effectively as he could less skilled opponents.

It is more accurate to say "If Hatton can't get close to Floyd he absolutely can't win, if Hatton can get close to Floyd he has a chance of winning."
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