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Default Re: Fight Camp 360 - Episode 4

Originally Posted by Losfer_Words View Post
Yeah, I do love the way this program covers all aspects of before and after the fight, though, and I think that's what sets it apart from 24/7 (old debate now, I know). If a boxset is released after the tourney I will happily buy all of these episodes as they are brilliant and I haven't found a single one disappointing on any level.

Another fantastic episode: Shaw continues to be a ****, Mick continues to sit in silence, I continue to dislike motormouth Dirrell the more I see him, Abraham continues to be entertaining TV, and all the bits inbetween were brilliant as well.

Roll on the next episode.
I agree i love the coverage i just wish we didn't have to wait until months and months after the fight to see the post-fight footage, when we've all forgotten about it and are ready for the next stage. Maybe a couple of weeks after at most would be ideal.

But beggars can't be choosers, on the whole i'm loving the 360 series and you're right it definitely ****s on 24/7.

I tried to give Mick the benefit of the doubt after the trailer as it was only 4 minutes long, i thought he must make a contribution during the whole episode surely!! But no, he really doesn't have anything to say does he

Dirrell is a bit of a **** but you can't argue with the boys ten pin bowling ability. And Abraham, well he just reminds me of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. He's an absolute killer with genuine moments of comedy.
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