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Originally Posted by pne buz View Post
This isnt a hate post,i just cant believe you would back this heartless clown,and he wont win anyway world title so its a pointless thread.
I also cant believe that stay at home and dont watch it wasnt an option on the poll.
it's a thread to see who would back Audley...seeing as it's pointless why post in it...just don't bother reading it.

Audley may be heartless to you (imo he climbs through them ropes shows me he got some heart) but end of day if he beats Sosnowski then he deserves some sort of respect.

He maybe a underachiever and talks a lot of bollocks but sometimes you gotta give credit where it's due. He's scared of being knocked out and fights safety first...not the first fighter to do this and not the last.

Plenty of votes and posts discussing shows it's far from pointless.
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