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Default Re: 'Froch's promoter says pay-per-view TV is only option'

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
This is exactly the type of shite that im talking about !!!!!!!!!!!!

What an unbeleivably bad post , Carl Froch has to be the most dislikeable fighter on British soil , at world level , i mean the guy's style is terrible , his hands are round his waste , he throws wide winging punches and jabs from his hip , he even looks awkward when he's stood still , mate Bob Arum would have Froch as an undercard fighter for his whole career he has absolutley NO PUBLIC APPEAL what so ever and the main stream just know him as :

" oh yeah Carl Froch that wanker who is shit and calls Joe Calzaghe names "

He's a joke , Fat Mick is a joke and i cant wait for Kessler to ****in blitz him ,
No public appeal?

He will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime!

He has a high KO ratio 20 from 26.

He fights as a proud Englishman.

He always gives 100%

Yes mate you are right! Carl Froch is everything that is wrong with Boxing!!!

Just for the record I'm being sarcastic. And also I am as big a JC fan as you will find!

Have not got the slightest clue where you are coming from!!!
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