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Default Re: 'Froch's promoter says pay-per-view TV is only option'

Originally Posted by The Blackout View Post
The only thing i can think of is that Hennessey maybe thought Froch would lose against Taylor, so he took the best offer available, at the time, if the worst happened?
But he didn't actually take the best offer at all did he? Presumably due to a combination of stubbornness and delusion he chose to reject all of the tv offers on the table, bemoan the "wild devaluation" of his fighter by the networks (100k was the best offer apparently, which tbf is less than Froch is worth, but it's still better than bloody nothing!) and in an act of daft rebellion set up a poxy internet stream through which he and Froch earned a net profit of about 50 quid.

Hennessey must have particularly bad relations with sky if it's as difficult for him to get his fighters on there as it appears to be.

His handling of Froch's media affairs since the Pascal fight has to be the biggest promotional **** up in recent memory. Having control of all of the British distribution rights for the super 6 would be a wet dream for any promoter....but what does he do with this gift? **** ALL!

What a missed opportunity. I know a lot of casuals who would have been really interested in this thing but they're barely even aware of its existence. They vaguely know of Froch but I'm not sure that they could even place the name to the face. It's a real shame. There was something to build on after the Pascal fight but contrary to all logic, Froch's celebrity status and marketability remains stagnant. Froch has lost out on a lot of money due to Fat Mick's mishandling of his affairs....and he will miss out on more. Talk about dropping the ball...
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