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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log


30:00 cardio
-It was like I had ADD today in the gym, I was jumping from 1 piece of equipment to another. I got only about 30:00 of decent cardio in. Half the time I was trying to get my HR to about 145 but I was trying to slack too since its supposed to be a back off week, it didnt work until I got on the treadmill. I need to be at around 7.3mph to have my HR where I want it.

10:00 jump rope
5 rounds shadowboxing
3 rounds footwork bag
2 rounds double end bag
2 rounds speed bag
3 rounds heavybag
4 rounds "sparring"
3x10x170 deadlifts
-The "sparring" was at a slower speed and all I did was work defense and counter punching. The last round was real sparring but at about 50%. The deadlifts where me just spotting a friend on form and between sets Id do a couple.

1 bowl of vector, 1 cup of juice, 2 fish oil
1 piece of meat lovers pizza
1V8, 1 multivite
1 small tin of flavoured tuna, 2 cups salad, 398ml can of fruit ****tail
1 protein shake (after boxing)
2 chicken thighs, 1 cup salad, 1 huge ass apple, 1 cup blueberries
1 piece of meat lovers pizza, 1 cup green tea
--running total--
11 fruits and veg, 4 grains, 3 dairy, 4 meat

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