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Default Re: "Pitched battle" at York Hall

Originally Posted by icemax View Post
You don't need any help, you just about got it spot on.

As Maz pointed out a ***** is a very offensive word sort of the gypsy equivalent of calling a black guy the n word. In Romany law a ***** is someone who has committed a heinous offence against the group (****, murder, robbing from his own) and has been cast out of the family group...unfortunately some Roma (my dad included ) call Irish Travelers *****s which isn't helpful.

There are not many Roma on the roads in Britain any more, the vast majority live in fixed locations...and the ones that are mobile can be differentiated from other travelers by the conditions in which they live, a real Romany would not live in the same ****ty set up that some of the Irish Travelers do.

Maz, sorry to hear about your banning
A Yorkshire, Romany, squaddie!!! Not many more boxes left to tick!!

Arnt the Irish travellers on the road because of the British??

See ye caused that as well!!!
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