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Default Re: Training Regime & Diet Plan For a competetive Amateur Boxer

Not much wrong with your diet fella.

Many others will beg to differ, as there really isn't a clear cut method for boxing conditioning, but personally, I would look to cut down on the running. I like my fighters to follow more 'fight specific' and full body conditioning drills. I have always advocated running once per week with longer intervals in between fights, tapering down to shorter intervals as fight time approaches. In place of much of the running that many fighters do, I tend to prefer power developing exercises, muscular endurance drills and mobility drills. The reason that I say this is that aside from the elite level fighters, many people struggle to find the time to develop every aspect required to be a complete fighter, so many facets can be neglected when someone is too dedicated to their running. So for me, the 'typical' morning run is an inefficient use of the time that many have available. That said, many world champions built their success off the back of morning runs.
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