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Default Re: Training Regime & Diet Plan For a competetive Amateur Boxer

Originally Posted by levi View Post
Right im confused about the whole diet situation now, So say for example i wake up in the morning drink a green tea and a glass of orange juice and eat a medium sized bowl of porridge.

I let that go down for a couple of hours then i head out on my run (either the sprint/interval/tabata run or the 3 mile recovery run. once i get back from the run i'd drink a protein shake, the one i currently use is Maximuscles Promax Diet shake.

Then 3 hours later ill eat my lunch i usually either have 2 slices of wholemeal toast with two scrambled eggs or ill have a sandwich which will be made with wholemeal bread, grilled chicken breast, chopped chillies and salad. with a piece of fruit.

3 hours later ill eat a banana and drink another green tea before i go training for the evening. After my training session ill immediately drink another promax diet shake. An hour and half later ill eat my dinner which always includes grilled meat (chicken,turkey,pork,steak,) or grilled fish (mackerel,salmon,cod) with spinach, mixed veg some rice and i sometimes have asparagus instead of spinach.

Throughout the day i aim to drink around 3 litres of water. I also take a multivitamin tablet and a cod liver oil capsule every morning.

Now is this ok along with my training? im walking around at 75-76kgs and i box at 69kgs.

And also with the runs called HARD RUNS with the sprint/hill sprints/tabata how many miles should i do this for? because i dont want to get up go running and feel that i havent done enough afterwards!
if this is your pre training meal (usually 2 to 3 hours before training) its quite **** for a hour and half or 2 hour session, you need way more carbs than that, a banana gives a quick short burst of energy when really you want something which releases energy slowly (porridge), caffeine is not needed before boxing training either, in between rounds you need your heart rate to slow down from the huge peaks it gets during sparring forexample caffeine will not allow your heart rate to drop the way it should

the shake you are taking is more like a meal replacement shake rather than a protein shake it contains carbs and fats and a few other things, id still recommend somthing with more carbs though, overall you have a well balanced diet, educate yourself on the glycaemic index of food and when to eat these different foods with low and hi glycaemic index, it will benefit things like energy stores, energy replacement and energy during training (by educate i mean google or buy a nutrition book) you will find it helpful
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