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Default Re: Training Regime & Diet Plan For a competetive Amateur Boxer

Originally Posted by levi View Post
Thanks for the advice SouthpawSlayer, so basically cut the green tea out before training and have a bowl of porridge and a banana before training? would a boel of pasta and chicken be ok etc i would eat these types of things as id love all the energy i could get but i get worried about making the weight all the time i hate cuttting the weight too soon near the fight. Should i carry on drinking the shake i currently use or not? and Do you know of any good nutrition books i could purchase?
i hear what you say about making weight but with extra calorie intake means you have more energy to exercise at a higher intensity which ultimately could lead to a lower body fat % which will make making weight easier, yeah cut out the caffeine before training on pads bags sparring or anything that involves a recovery period, caffeine before a long distance run can be helpful

Anita Beans - Complete guide to sports nutrition is a good start its not too technical and covers everything, i had the 4th edition when i done my personal training course there might be a newer edition out now

about your shake mate its up to you i would recommend something with slightly more carbs but its totally up to you, straight after my training at the club i take carb protein mix , 50 g carbs and about 25 grams protein
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