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Default Re: Training Regime & Diet Plan For a competetive Amateur Boxer

Originally Posted by Youngblood View Post
I dropped 9 lbs in around 2 weeks just cleaning up my diet for last weekend tour, limiting carbs and salt, focusing on all fresh veggies and fruit, lean steak and chicken. No milk. Next to nadda for grains outside of a bit of loading right before workouts (like 2-3 hrs before), then hammering protein home after (10-15 mins). And I wasn't doing 1/2 the running you are there. So the point being, I would focus more on diet and don't wear your body out physically. Sure do a mixture of sprints and distance, the distance will burn it off better imo...but don't work yourself into a weakened and unhealthy state. Always a rest day. Don't run more then once a day...and imo, 6 days running is just wrong. You aren't getting any recovery time in there...and recovery is as important as the training.
why did you stop drinking Milk?
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