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Default Re: Arthur set for Foster Jnr defence

Originally Posted by Dibbs
So in 2003 Alex Arthur fought Michael Gomez, and 4 years later he is fighting Foster Jr, either his boxing career is stalling, or moving so slow it's going backwards. His level of opponents is getting worse. Mind you Foster was WBU champion, an important fact i almost forgot there. Now where is my WBU belt, oh that's right stopping the awful draught from under the living room door.

Aye, even I have to admit Arthur scored a major own goal with that "Foster is a former world champ" rubbish, but hes a smart fella is Arthur, & hes trying to con the scottish public that this is bigger fight than it is, I just hope Alex steps it up after this, cos defences of a WBO interim title against this level of opponent isnt the kind of **** I can, or will defend on ESB.

So if you are reading Alex, take care of Foster & then GET A BIG FIGHT FFS!
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