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Default Re: Poor Performance by Mundine

Originally Posted by teke
So let me get this straight. Mundine won by 10 rds look ok but there are some people on here that want to believe his torn bicep is some kind of excuse for what exactly...?
ok first off - i don't think it's just an excuse. i'll dig a pic if i can find one, but post fight, his upper arm was swollen as ****. and i'm willing to bet big money he hurt it during the fourth round...

as for the reason behind it being "used as an excuse"... well... it was a pretty ordinary performance tbh.

there were a couple of positives though: his jab, footwork and defence were all for the most part excellent - even taking into account he was fighting a bloke my granny would have beat up. and... errr... that's it.

the negatives far outweigh the positives. he was fighting a bum. i cannot believe peeps are giving this guy credit for going the distance. he only went the distance because mundine couldn't be ****d to put him away on any one of the ample opportunities he had to do so. nievas was gone in the second round. mundine backed off - solely in order to carry the fight a few rounds more. he was gone for all money again at the end of the fourth. again mundine backed off. this time though, i think it was because of his arm, as mundine came out in the fifth carrying his right a little low, and only really throwing the left jab - and that was only after nievas had finally landed a shot or two. mundine really approached the fifth round as an chance to get an extra three minutes rest. when nievas didn't play along with that, mundine had to fight back. nievas was out on his feet again in the seventh. he was saved by the bell that time, but really, if mundine had of done a little more, he could - and should - have finished the fight then. he was badly staggered again in one of the later rounds, the tenth i think, and again, same story. choc didn't go in and finish.

you could spin that as a positive for mundine - he carried the fight, hurt his opponent several times, just didn't wanna finish him - but it would be absolute *******s. iirc, only the damage in the second round was caused by a serious right hand shot. the rest were from short arm punches or left leads. hardly evidence of a granite chin. it was clear after 30 seconds that nievas was so far out of his depth it just wasn't funny.

another negative was mundine's workrate. even allowing for the bicep, the one jab at a time policy is just rampant laziness. his jab is lighhtning quick, and quite heavy. yet his obstinate refusal to use it as a lead-in weapon rather than throwing it as a one off all the time was doing my ****ing head in on wednesday night.

nutsauce it all you like - and barry michaels face was covered in choc jisms by the end o fthe night i reckon. the ****head even proclaimed it as mundines best ever performance ffs - this was a poor performance despite it being a relatively entertaining fight. the victories over soliman (especially) and green were far superior both technically and certainly meritoriously.

just as the haters should stop mking **** up, so too should the huggers stop creaming over substandard performaces (and opponents) like this. if he was serious about this fight, mundine would have ended in the second when he clearly had the chance to do so. he deserves criticism for carrying the fight a few rounds and that backfiring on him, not praise.
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