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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log


10:00 jump rope
A jog (I dont know the distance or time, Id estimate 4km or so)
6 rounds shadowboxing

Isometric punch against a wall (start middle and 90% extension, 5 secs each point)
10 mini ball punches (3lbs)
x 5 (jab and straight)

3x5 double clap pushups
3x10 (per side) power overs
3x10 depth jumps off ring
3x10 lunge jumps
3x20 one legged lateral hops across the "footwork square"

20 25lb front neck curls
20 25lb back neck curls
20 25lb side neck curls (left)
20 25lb side neck curls (right)
x 2

3x20 170lb shrugs
-Biceps are sore today so I just did light skill work and a bunch of plyometrics and neck. I have keys to the gym now , I can now train whenever I want. The next few weeks are gonna be sweet as I figure out how to best take advantage of this.

2 bowls of multigrain cheerios
1 fruit source bar, 1 V8
12 perogies, 1 cup salad
1 cup trail mix
2 ham sandwhiches (homemade whole wheat, ham, lettuce, onion, honey mus****)
2 cups juice
--running total--
9 grains, 3 dairy, 10 fruits and veggies, 2 meat

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