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Default Re: British Forum BETTING thread

Originally Posted by ScouseLad View Post
Same here mate, im franctically clicking "unsettled bets" or "my balance" then when it goes past about 15-20mins for an inplay game its like "argh, something is up here" so I ended up going to bed, logging on in the morning and see "1 new message" and you know exactly what it is!

Their stream or whatever they were watching on was behind the whole game so it should be their mistake and they pay for it but they always wriggle out of it. If your regular guy can be ahead of them then its their own ineptitude that means they're behind, they shouldnt be able to get out of that.

I do love their site though, I was betfair mad until someone told me to check out 365 and ive barely used betfair since. The amount you can do is insane, theres so much variety its immense.
Same here, I'm an avid 365 user. Odds are kinda middle of the road, sometimes good sometimes average, but for pure ease of use and variety it can't be beat.

The great irony is the disclaimer at the bottom of in-play markets, they tell you that if the info is wrong then they take no responsibility for your loss, yet if they're wrong and you take suddenly its their responsibility !
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