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Default Re: Barney Ross vs Floyd Mayweather/ Winner?

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
1. Mayweather could barely keep up with a plodder like JL Castillo for 12 rounds in one of the few times he was forced to step out and maintain a fast pace, while

2. Ross could easily keep up a whirlwind pace through an entire 15 rounds as he showed in his fight with McLarnin.

3. No, Floyd would own him in a jabbing contest if someone surgically removed a great jabber's left arm and transplanted it in place of Floyd's own.

4. Your own post ACKNOWLEDGES that he doesn't do everything better, and just makes excuses for it.
1. Chavez threw 100punches a round, Hatto60, Castillo 60, Mayweather threw 40-60 a round against Hatton

2. There only seems to be round highlights of Ross-Mclarin. He folded like a stack of cards against the 1 true pressure fighter in Armstrong. So clearly he handles workrate/intensity worse than Floyd

3. Floyds jab is faster and mor accurate with more snap. When Floyd concentrates on the jab he dominates with it: [ame][/ame]

4. Mayweather does everything better than Ross
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