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Default Re: Barney Ross vs Floyd Mayweather/ Winner?

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
So now you're claiming Mayweather deliberately chooses to do something that's "harder" even though he's capable of winning fights an easier way? That undermines your earlier claim that Mayweather looks to make fights as easy and slow-paced as possible.
You really don't know boxing Landing lead hooks/rights takes more skill and speed than leading with a jab. Anyone who's boxed a handful of times knows that, the fact you don't shows your not worthy of debate. If you can do it without being hit, it isnt a high risk, Mayweather is cautious but can stll land lead rights/hooks. Few fighters can do this without being hit because they arent as skillfull

I wont bother responding to your other worthless post, you've clearly just displayed that you don't know boxing
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