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Default Re: Barney Ross vs Floyd Mayweather/ Winner?

I would root for Ross and I think he can beat Mayweather. He has the skills and ring smarts to do so. Also in his favor is Mayweather's tendency to get off to slow starts. Mayweather on the other hand is bigger and can stay on the outside. I think it will come down to how many of the early rounds Ross can win and rather it is a 12 or 15 round bout. I know normaly it would seem more logical to pick the old school boxer over 15 and the contempary boxer over 12 but I think Mayweather who is a strong finisher would do better over 15 hear while Ross will have more likely have more chance of having a lead over 12 than he would over 15.
Either way it is going to be a close fight 12 or 15 rounds.
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